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How do you charge for your services?

Mach charges via two separate mechanisms:

  • Subscriptions (FP): this is a fixed and known monthly charge for fixed scope services. Common examples include:
    • Website & DNS Hosting
    • Cloud Virtual Server Hosting
    • Online Storage
    • Network Connectivity
    • SaaS applications such as per user charge for Email, or CRM
    • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
    • Telco Management & Service Delivery Assurance
  • Consulting & Technical Services (T&M): this is for all other activities and is charged “only when performed and only when needed” or otherwise known as “On Demand” charging. Examples include:
    • Diagnosing issues with an application running on a Server
    • Providing assistance to a User
    • Addressing issues arising from the outage of a telco service
    • Providing consulting &/or design advice services
    • Installing new equipment
    • Responding to an outage or recovering data from backup

Most clients will be charged a combination of the above on a Monthly Invoice basis.

What hours do you provide support?

Mach monitors and will respond to significant issues 24/7/365. Staff are always assigned to achieve this commitment. This does not however mean that we will respond to a Service Desk ticket sent at 3am for a low printer toner warning light!

We have designed our operations to be as cost effective as possible and this means that we provide our Core Service Hours between 7am and 6pm on standard business days.

Clients who require routine access outside these hours will do so via specific tailoring of their Managed Services contract with Mach, for an appropriate charge premium.

Please refer to our SLA for further information.

What geographical area do you cover with your Onsite Field Services?

We support clients who have national and international footprints; much of our technology and systems management processes allow us to remotely support our client’s systems – which means we rarely need to be standing in front of it!

When required, we are able to travel to client facilities and provide ICT services onsite. We are able to respond the fastest to sites that are in the Brisbane or Sunshine Coast areas but do routinely travel farther, including inter-state.

We do not embed a travel time allowance within our normal low price charges, therefore if a particular client requirement or issue means we need to be onsite, travel time and related expenses are additionally charged.

Can you be the entire ICT team for a business?

Absolutely! Most of our clients engage Mach in this fashion, as we are able to deliver far more capability/technology/skills at a lower price with lower risk than all but the very largest of companies can do with internal IT staff and purchased hardware/software.