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Wednesday 28 Sep 2016 – TPG widespread failures (data + voice)

Wednesday 28 Sep 2016


Telecommunications provider TPG suffered a widespread outage of Internet/Data and eCall Voice network services, specifically between 5:04 pm to 11:45 pm.

Mach detected the issues and tracked the associated impact on our customers via our 24/7 Enterprise Monitoring Platform and we have been relentlessly following up throughout and since to get an official response from TPG on the outage.

Unfortunately, we are currently still waiting for the incident report as TPG deals with the fallout from the additional/related widespread South Australia power disruption that occurred as well.

Further Details

  • Mach will continue to follow-up with TPG and will post to this Status Notice the report TPG ultimately provides regarding their widespread outage.
  • If you having concerns regarding your current network or how this issue impacted you, please Contact Us so that we can assist – including providing alternatives/additional redundancy if necessary.

Clients can see the latest up to date information of Status Notices online at:

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