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Tuesday 13 Aug 2013 – Emergency Change Notice

Tuesday 13 August 2013

At midday Mach determined that an Emergency Change was required, which is published herein. This is only applicable to two specific customers of Mach, who are being contacted directly.

The Hosted Exchange High Availability Cluster has been impacted by a bug with Microsoft software and the way it interacts with disk subsystem performance. The impact on affected users is slow performance and intermittent “sync” connectivity.

Between 12.15pm and 12.45pm, Mach will be restarting some servers within the Exchange Cluster, which should cause affected users to fail-over to another Mach Data Centre or potentially, to lose Exchange Connectivity for up to 30mins.

The decision to perform this action during “lunchtime” business hours was taken, as it is the best way to address the performance issue that would otherwise impact affected users for the remainder of the working day.

UPDATE 1.00pm: some unexpected Microsoft server application issues have arisen, which means it will take longer to restore services than planned. When resolution is completed, this Notice page will be updated.

UPDATE 2.15pm: all services restored via the high availability features of multiple data-centres.

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