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Tuesday 11 Jul 2017 – Carrier Edge Device Hardware Failure – affecting some Private WAN services

Tuesday 11 Jul 2017 – Carrier Edge Device Hardware Failure – affecting some Private WAN services


At exactly 3.20pm this afternoon, Mach monitoring systems detected a fault on one Carrier Fibre service into one of our Data Centres. This affected:

  • One Internet service – which failed over via Mach’s ability to do so
  • Private WAN services for three customers – which Mach unfortunately is not able to failover/workaround due Carrier limitations

All Mach infrastructure has had no issue or outage. However for affected customers – because their Private WAN service was obstructed:

  • Ability for their staff at onsite offices to connect to Data Centre hosted services is impacted
  • And in turn, other services like connectivity to centralised PBX or Internet that traversed their Private WAN link

Confirming the following has not been affected:

  • All Data Centre and Hosted services; and
  • Connectivity to the above via Internet/VPN/Remote Desktop.

Further Details

  • 4.20pm Update:
    • Carrier has confirmed that Edge Device Hardware Failure in part of their network that these Private WAN services traverse
    • Nature of failure has not allowed their redundant systems to function
    • Engineers and replacement hardware have been dispatched with service restoration ETA 6.30pm
  • 6.30pm Update:
    • Carrier has confirmed that replacement hardware is installed and coming online
    • Mach engineers are working with them to ensure our customer services across this return to normal function
  • 6.45pm Update:
    • Hardware issue resolved and Mach confirmed all our Customers’ impacted services have been restored.

If you having concerns regarding your current network or how this issue impacted you, please Contact Us so that we can assist – including providing alternatives/additional redundancy if necessary.

Clients can see the latest up to date information of Status Notices online at:

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