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Thursday, 30 Aug 2018 – Telco Peering Network Outage/Packet-Loss

Thursday, 30 Aug 2018 – Telco Peering Network Outage/Packet-Loss


Mach detected a network performance quality issue (packet-loss) related to a small number of Customers that appear to traverse a particular peering point from one upstream carrier.

The impact of “Packet-Loss” on normal use will be perceived as slower network performance or poor quality for services like VoIP or Remote Desktop.

The many customers that have diverse-path services with Mach were either unaffected or able to be manually redirected by Mach.

Further Details

  • Mach will continue to follow-up and will post to this Status Notice any further information arising:
    • 12.34am: packet-loss first detected by Mach systems and Staff
    • through to 8.10am: as above continues and Mach completes ruling-out any of our infrastructure or that on any of our customer sites (inc forcing reboots of onsite devices to ensure)
    • 8.49am: cause of issue located by upstream carrier (Unplanned Outage Alert #O-4873)
    • 11.32am: sites impacted by packet-loss now offline as carrier makes changes to resolve
    • 12.20pm: carrier update received: “Engineers are currently testing the Aggregation link and associated equipment and cross connects, with further results and updates expected in approx 45 minutes
    • 12.33pm: Mach detecting all affected services clearing/restored in Monitoring (refer below representative example)
    • 12.57pm: carrier update received: “have finished conducting testing on the link end to end with all involved parties, and services look to have stabilised. We are continuing to investigate and confirm the root cause of the issue, with further updates to follow after discussions with the involved parties.
  • If you having concerns regarding your current network or how this issue impacted you, please Contact Us so that we can assist – including providing alternatives/additional redundancy if necessary.

Clients can see the latest up to date information of Status Notices online at:

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