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Sunday 17 Mar 2019 – Planned Maintenance Notice: NEW DC Network Core Upgrades

Planned Maintenance Notice: NEW DC Network Core Upgrades


Mach is implementing core network fabric device firmware upgrades as part of our ongoing maintenance program to keep all Mach managed infrastructure in optimal running configuration consistent with best practices.

As this affects the dual-fabric networking backbone of our Newstead (NEW) Data Centre and the way firmware is to be applied to hardware, there will be brief momentary interruptions to some network paths (i.e. as fail-over paths enact and services like BGP re-converge). The duration is expected to be no more than one minute, twice.

Mach will have senior network engineer staff onsite and conduct this activity within the window 4.30am to 5.00am on Sunday (AEST). As a precaution, alternative hardware has been provisioned and is able to be patched and brought online if any unforeseen issue arises.

All other Mach Data Centre sites (across Australia and in the USA) have no scheduled maintenance.

Further Details

  • This is a precautionary notice, it is very unlikely that services will be disrupted (other than described above) but an increased risk exists as the number of active/redundant systems is reduced.
  • NEW DC is but one of four Mach Data Centre facilities; no other planned maintenance will be conducted in this window in our other DC locations.
  • Mach will have senior and experienced resources onsite at NEW, to perform works and respond immediately to any issue that may arise.
  • Final update: Completed without Incident

Clients can see the latest up to date information during this process online at:

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