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Planned/Emergency Maintenance Notice: On a Network Fibre Link at TCC

Planned/Emergency Maintenance Notice: On a Network Fibre Link at TCC (only) Data Centre


1x of our upstream Telco Carrier fibre optic links at 1x of our Data Centres (TCC – TradeCoastCentral at Eagle Farm) has been intermittently delivering degraded quality services to Mach and our customers recently. Symptoms experienced by Mach and our clients include reduced peak bandwidth delivered and impact on VoIP Call sound quality.

All infrastructure and services owned by Mach at our Data Centre is operating without issue.

Mach, after significant investigation, effort and escalation to the highest levels of the Telco fibre optic supplier demanding action – has finally secured from them a commitment to action the issue.

We thank our clients for their patience and understanding, but as this is not a straightforward “outage” or “failure” actually locating root cause and fix is quite simply not straightforward.

Planned Action(s)

  • Tuesday 28th Feb 7.30pm for approx 30mins, the underlying fibre link will be offline whist the carrier works on resolution (changes to infrastructure upstream/offsite to Mach DC)
  • This will only affect some services for some clients, and they are being personally notified by Mach staff in advance
  • Wednesday 1st Mar 8.00pm for approx 30mins, further changes being made to direct some services away from the underlying link issue – in attempt to significantly mitigate negative impacts of issue

Clients can see the latest up to date information during this process online at:

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