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Monday 28 Jan 2013 – Energex & Telco widespread failures across SEQ

Monday 28 January 2013

At 5pm on Sunday 27th, power &/or telco upstream utility services became increasingly intermittent/disrupting the flow of backhaul and internet network traffic across the Sunshine Coast (Energex reported 26,536 outages/incidents!).

Mach confirmed that all operations at all of our DC’s continued to operate without issue, but customers were likely to be affected obtaining normal quality internet connectivity to services across the greater South East Queensland area due to the large number of cascading telco failures.

Mach lodged incident reports with Energex and Telco’s with information on where we suspected their outages were, but their restoration efforts were clearly hindered by the severity of the bad weather. Mach continued to follow up until we believed all normal services were restored.

  • See community news notice: “QUEENSLAND’S telecommunications blackout is now state-wide with loss of phone, mobiles, internet and Triple Zero access from Coolangatta to the Cape. Telstra’s fibre optic cables have been cut by floods causing IT systems to crash and wreaking havoc on airports, banks and shops in a meltdown likely to take days to fix.
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