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Saturday 9 Jan 2016 – Planned Maintenance Notice: TCC DC Network Capability Upgrade

Planned Maintenance Notice: TCC DC Network Capability Upgrade


To support increased growth and meet specific and increasingly sophisticated customer cloud hosting requirements, Mach will be implementing a planned capability upgrade to the Networking in our TradeCoast Central (TCC) Data Centre late in the evening of Saturday 9th Jan 2016.

Further Details

  • A significant network capability upgrade is scheduled for one of the Mach Data Centres at Eagle Farm, Brisbane (TCC) on Saturday 9 Jan, which to achieve requires a number of short, intermittent local and Internet outages between 11.00pm Sat – 2.30am Sun AEST (3.5hr window).
  • Key benefits include:
    • 10Gbps extended to the edge of the core network to each pair of top-of-rack access switches (a tenfold increase in performance)
    • 10Gbps into each new High Performance Computing OpenStack Clustered Server Node (new and available in early 2016)
    • New Internet Border Security Highly Available Cluster for highly advanced Quality of Service and Network Security management (new; already successfully in operation at COY Data Centre from 19 Dec 15)
  • All impacted clients have been provided at least 72 hours notice of this interruption to service.
  • Mach appreciates our clients’ understanding that the scheduled network upgrade is an essential activity to ensure the optimal continual running of this particular Mach Data Centre facility.

Clients can see the latest up to date information during this process online at:

Completion Notice:

  • All works were completed 1.5hrs early and uneventfully as planned, with only the briefest of intermittent interruptions to various network segments occurring, one after the other, until the entire Data Centre was completed (best case eventuated).
  • Well done to the Mach staff that completed this significant capacity upgrade flawlessly.
  • More importantly, thanks to our Clients for supporting this brief networking interruption to their services.
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