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Monday 2 Nov 2015 – Follow-up Notice: Additional Infrastructure Project (due Findings of 19Sep TCC DC Power Grid Maintenance)

Follow-up Notice: Additional Infrastructure Project (due Findings of 19Sep TCC DC Power Grid Maintenance)


The entire Trade Coast Central (TCC) Industrial Park on 19 Sep 2015 (six weeks ago) underwent planned maintenance per this previous Status Announcement, where an unexpected issue arose with the intersection of ENERGEX and Generator backup systems, upstream of Mach’s facility. As a consequence of those learnings, this Status Notice details the works planned by Mach to implement additional infrastructure as additional redundancy, implemented in parallel to existing systems, so that a repeat cannot occur and Mach gains further surety over utility services supply into the Mach Data Centre facility building at this site.

Further Details

  • Now that investigations by the facility owner/ENERGEX/high-voltage electricity contractors is concluded, in addition to the remedies they will implement, Mach has decided to also invest in additional and parallel/separate power redundancy systems (including additional generator, UPS infrastructure and a further diverse routing path for BGP Comms).
  • This “TCC Additional Infrastructure Project” has already procured the physical infrastructure already and installation onsite will occur as quick as practicable (commencing this week, with all works planned to be completed four weeks before Christmas).
  • TCC DC is but one of four Mach Data Centre facilities; no other planned maintenance will be conducted in this window in our other DC locations.
  • Mach will have senior and experienced resources onsite at TCC, whenever planned changes are made, to monitor electrician works and respond immediately to any issue that may arise.

Clients can see the latest up to date information during this process online at:

  • 2 Nov UPDATE: prior to the implementation cutover of the above improvements commencing, most unfortunately an unexpected 30minute power supply (1705-1735hrs) issue occurred that caused a break in network comms connectivity between the Data Centre servers/services and customer sites/Internet. Whilst the bulk of Data Centre facilities continued to operate, they were not accessible. Confirming that the specific issue that caused this will have its additional redundancy/parallel infrastructure implementation brought forward and implemented within 36 hours (installed late evening of 3 Nov 15).
  • 7 Dec UPDATE: in the past four weeks all new systems have completed post installation testing and the entire Data Centre has undergone multiple testing exercises of a “disaster scenarios”.

Moreover, TCC Data Centre is now – at a technology, power and AC level: Tier4.


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