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Saturday 19 Sep 2015 – Planned Maintenance Notice: TCC DC Power Grid Maintenance

Planned Maintenance Notice: TCC DC Power Grid Maintenance


The entire Trade Coast Central (TCC) Industrial Park is undergoing planned maintenance to its dual-substation supplied power grid. This is planned to have no impact to any Mach services at our Data Centre (TCC DC), as backup electrical supplies (inc generator) will operate during the 10 hour maintenance window between the hours of 6pm Saturday, 19th Sep through to 4am. All other Mach Data Centre sites (across Australia and in the USA) have no scheduled maintenance.

Further Details

  • This is a precautionary notice, it is very unlikely that services will be disrupted but an increased risk exists as the number of active/redundant systems is reduced.
  • TCC DC is but one of four Mach Data Centre facilities; no other planned maintenance will be conducted in this window in our other DC locations.
  • Mach will have senior and experienced resources onsite at TCC, to monitor electrician works and respond immediately to any¬† issue that may arise.

Clients can see the latest up to date information during this process online at:

  • UPDATE: An issue between ENERGEX and Trade Coast Central High Voltage Electrical Contractors caused a compound failure that caused secondary grid power separation and hindered continuous Generator power supply. Mach UPS protected all services for as long as possible, but between the period 7:25pm to 9:45pm, Mach had to perform a controlled emergency shutdown of Hosting & Comms infrastructure until power was restored.
  • UPDATE: Mach’s General Manager has initiated an investigation and will report to affected clients as soon as able.


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