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16-28 Aug 2013 – Planned Maintenance Notice: Hosted Exchange Platform

Hosted Exchange Platform – Planned Maintenance Notice

Over the coming weeks, Mach will be applying priority Microsoft bugfix upgrades to the Mach Hosted Exchange platform. Microsoft has thankfully released a large number of bugfixes and updates to its Exchange server software, which Mach believes will address a number of issues that have come to prominence over recent days/weeks.

To facilitate these priority upgrades, Mach hereby reserves the following maintenance windows over the coming weeks for the implementation of the required upgrades:

  • Friday 16th / Saturday 17th August 8pm-6am AEST
  • Wednesday 21st August 7pm-11pm AEST
  • Friday 23rd / Saturday 24th August 8pm-6am AEST
  • Wednesday 28th August 7pm-11pm AEST

When Mach finalises which maintenance window(s) are required, further communications will be issued at least 24 hours prior to the start of each planned maintenance window.

Clients can see the latest up to date information during this process online at:

Mach can confirm that whilst end user e-mail services may experience intermittent interruption during these windows, no e-mails will be lost as a result:

  • Incoming email will be received and cached on our boundary Mail Filters
  • Outgoing email composed by clients in Outlook, on their Phone, etc will remain cached in each device’s Outbox folder
  • When planned maintenance is complete, emails cached per above will flow through the Exchange platform and be delivered normally

We thank our clients for allowing us to urgently implement these Microsoft Software updates, in the manner that Microsoft requires, with service interruption minimised by Mach as much as possible.

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