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Paul Pettigrew

About Paul Pettigrew

  • Mach Technology Founder & Managing Director
  • F/A-18 Fighter Pilot, Instructor and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Officer
  • Australian Championship Masters Rower (current)
  • World Championship Australian Rower (1987)
  • Community Service: Rowing Coach (inc Australian Rowing Team)

In 2005, after a successful 11 year career in the RAAF, Paul Pettigrew decided to become a leader in the technology industry by being the first to market in Australia with Cloud Solutions.

By originally identifying the next wave of growth for the ICT industry (broadband, Open Source and Cloud) years before others, Paul says he was selling in 2005 what most of his competitors are bringing to market as late as 2012. In 2005, Paul signed his first significant contract with the Australian Government to develop regional broadband. In 2008, he entered into a ten year partnership with federal and local government, and opened the first Mach Data Centre.

Today, Mach Technology under Paul’s continued leadership continues to focus on delivering continuous exploitation of new and emerging technologies.

Paul’s prime goal for the business was to always be the thought leader in its industry, leaving competitors in Mach’s wake. The business ensures good cash flow thanks to savvy investments building the company’s innovative low-cost solutions and technical platforms, which saw it survive the global financial crisis and then double in size in the year after.

Paul believes in giving back to the ICT industry and to his local community. He also aspires to make his clients more successful and profitable, and be less worried about their ICT. He believes sustained success will be thanks to his key senior staff, led by his General Manager that provide stability and excellent day-to-day leadership – so that he can focus on technical and business direction for the next five years.

Mach Technology has developed significant amounts of IP and contributes much of it freely to the Open Source community. It also turns Open Source software into viable business services and assets. Mach Technology is recognised nationally and internationally as a thought leader.

For now, Paul’s plan is to focus on expansion in Australia and continue to exploit emerging technologies. Paul says he is resolute in his commitment to excellence and the achievement of the highest possible goals, in the right manner with quality and integrity.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Computing (Business Systems & Systems Development).

Paul and Mach Technology also volunteer time and resources to the Coaching of high performance “Junior Rowing” (under 19, year12/school-leaving age). Paul coaches his crews to Australian Championship Gold-medal winning level and also into the Australian Rowing Team at World Championships level.

More recently Paul has improved his health and wellbeing through participation as a Masters Rower athlete at Australian Championship and Representative level.

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