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Notice: Microsoft 2019 Price Increases

Notice: Microsoft 2019 Price Increases


Please be aware, Microsoft have announced a 10-15% increase in monthly licensing fees across most of their commercial product line that will come into effect from 1st January, 2019. Unfortunately, these costs will need to be passed on and from January 2019 and invoices will be adjusted accordingly.

Mach appreciates our Clients’ understanding that this is not a cost increase of Mach’s making – and that it is not one we can simply absorb.

Pricing Impact

  • All Customer Subscriptions that are affected will be increased effective 1 Jan 2019 invoicing run
  • The increase is 10-15% (which directly reflects what has been imposed on Mach)
  • 10% increase will be applied to all subscriptions
  • And for those subscriptions that are higher up to 15%, the higher figure will be applied. Note: if further information required to perform these calculations not available and able to be applied to each of our clients unique circumstances before 1 Jan 19, a correction will be issued subsequently and backdated in arrears, by 1 Feb 19)
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