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Happy 10th Anniversary Mach Technology!

Happy 10th Birthday Mach!

Mach was founded on 6th July 2005 and after ten years, is stronger and more successful than ever!

Paul Pettigrew, Founder and Managing Director of Mach, says of reaching this important milestone:

First and foremost, I want to thank our Customers – as it is you that have supported and enabled Mach to become a market-leading, internationally recognised expert in Cloud Computing and Integrated Services Management. You have also allowed us to innovate and adapt to be increasingly efficient. Mach always passes on the benefits through our low prices – competitiveness confirmed yet again this week with Mach being advised we are the lowest cost/fully compliant solution in a significant tender process afoot.

Secondly, I want to thank our Staff – their dedication and commitment to excellence and quality remains at levels higher than in any other organisation I have been exposed to, and I have worked in and with the largest and best in Sydney and internationally over the past 30 years“.

With the economy so tight for so long following the GFC in 2008, alas the dream of having a “company jet” branded in our livery will have to remain only that for a while yet (but at least Mach will not have to hire a Fighter Pilot to fly it)!


The next decade ahead begins…

Today at the various Mach offices, the day begins without fanfare and just like any other – serving and supporting our clients, executing on improvements projects and conducting world leading R&D that in combination, ensure that Mach will always be improving our services and achieving a lower cost base for our Customers.

Paul concludes:

Mach will always have at the centre of our culture the commitment to excellence, speed, precision, courage, mateship and engineering quality that I learned in the RAAF. These values have and will keep Mach at the forefront of our industry and ensure our continued growth and success for at least another decade to come!


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