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Birthday Present for Mach – Jul 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Mach!

Mach was founded on 6th July 2005 and after eight years, the last five of which succeeding through the depressed economy since the GFC, it is about time the company got a well-earned birthday present!

Other companies have been given high profile advertising such as sponsoring motor racing or sailing. But Mach has always been more modest and thrifty than that. Although the thought of not a new company car or boat – but a company Jet branded in our livery remains very tempting (and we would not have to hire a Fighter Pilot to fly it!).


Enjoy the New Website

In the end, our staff were unanimous in wanting a new website and that is what we are proudly releasing as the company goes into its ninth year of business.

Its unique approach to presenting information is focused on simply explaining to prospective new clients what they should be considering and how they would commence a discussion with Mach. Interested? Then Let’s talk!

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