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Cloud Computing Products & IT Services

Mach Technology combines the right mix of people, process and information technology to deliver a professional cost effective IT business solution. Mach understands how important the small things are to your business and nothing is too much trouble. You should consider for example:

  • 24/7 Contact Centre support
  • Hosted Exchange Business grade Email with Legal archive
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • Managed Internet services
  • VoIP Phone
  • Cloud Server & Managed Network appliances
  • Online Storage vault
  • Enterprise Back-up
  • Onsite Technical Services
  • Project Management

Mach has productised many specific IT services, which improves quality for all clients and reduces cost. Fully costed Product Flyers are available for each of the below Products. Would you like to know how to best use these Cloud Computing Products & IT Services? Then Let’s Talk!

24/7 Contact Centre + Additional Resolution Services


  • End to end Service Desk Technical Resolution & Service Management Solution (ITIL best practice); not an offshore Call Centre
  • Open 24/7 to lodge Support Tickets (via email, voice message, web or monitoring) with SLA based Response, ensuring solved per business priority & needs
  • Standard service hours 7am to 6pm, with large team of experts
  • Ticket Systems, live Portal Access & Reporting included for $0 … you only pay for the “real” troubleshooting and resolution activities, only when needed!

Mach has the perfect IT Service Desk solution for all businesses, one that is always there when you need it but you only pay for it when you use it! No more costly monthly support contracts where you are not sure what you are getting for your money. Mach’s 24/7 Contact + Service solution is included for $0 setup and $0 ongoing charge for all our business clients, and includes the following:

  • Access to live Service Management System, that displays all Ticket details
  • Initial assessment and prioritisation of each Ticket (aka “Triage”) performed by expert Mach staff
  • Daily Report emailed on all Open Tickets
  • Standard Monthly Report on all Tickets processed

Once a Ticket has been Triaged, and requires further troubleshooting or technical/management activity by Mach to oversee and achieve the ultimate resolution of the associated issue(s), then all post-Triage activity undertaken by Mach is charged at the Standard “T&M” Rate Card. I.e. our Clients only pay for the real troubleshooting and resolution activities, as and when needed.

The above simple two-step process provides tremendous visibility, value and efficiencies that our Clients appreciate, and ensures that unnecessary costs not directly associated with resolution services are avoided and therefore not borne by the Client.

Cloud Servers & Managed Network Appliances

ProductImage-CloudServers ProductImage-Security

  • Design consultation and rapid provisioning by Mach experts – wiser than just via a browser!
  • Cloud servers easily scaled and reconfigured to your changing requirements over time; pay only for what you need, when you need it saves money
  • Mach Managed Cloud Servers (we take care of everything) OR Client Managed Cloud Servers (we provide CPU/RAM/Storage resources and initial OS image, and you perform support)
  • Deployed in a Data Centre, or on Client premises via our Onsite Cloud Node technology – or both!
  • Tailored Managed Networking

Mach Technology is a next generation technology solutions company. Since 2005, we have been delivering turnkey solutions, so each client can focus on their own business.

Mach was the first to market in Australia with “Cloud” solutions and remain internationally recognised experts. Since 2005, our HA platform has not had a single second of downtime. We 100% own and operate our own Data Centre infrastructure across 4x sites, geographically separated across Australia and the USA. Put simply, Mach is a part of the Internet in Australia! What does this mean for you? It means we can control and deliver what we say we can!

Unlike the cheap/no-service providers (that offer no service or way to speak with them, only via a browser), Mach offers clients local Cloud solutions, tailored to their needs, at extremely competitive “on demand” pricing, with the added security of being contracted under Australian law.  And with Mach, data sovereignty is assured.

Online Storage Vault

ProductImage-StorageVault ProductImage-CloudNetDrive

  • Data Centre “SAN” storage via clustered, high performance and fault tolerant infrastructure
  • No size too big – the distributed cluster platform has Petabyte scale
  • Supports both object (files) and block (disk image) storage formats
  • Available at each Mach Data Centre (custom inter-Data Centre replication solutions possible)
  • Store offsite backups in the Data Centre for Business Continuity
  • Use for large scale server storage, database, images, backups – any storage requirement

The most precious computing resource for any business is its data. Computers can be replaced, applications can be re-installed onto new servers. But if data is lost, or not able to be retrieved quickly in a “disaster recovery” then a business will likely suffer significant harm to its brand, reputation and viability.

Mach understands this vital requirement, and that is why we have implemented a highly sophisticated and robust storage platform that is able to support the varying requirements a modern storage computing solution needs.

Clients simply use what they need and only pay for what they use!

Typical examples of how Mach’s Clients utilise the Online Storage Vault include:

  • Adding additional storage space to a hosted Cloud Server only when needed, so that its application or database can expand “on demand”
  • Saving backup images or files, to provide for a
  • Tailored “disaster recovery” solution to meet
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) requirements
  • Store offsite backup files sent from an office or
  • Mobile device to the Data Centre for safe keeping, i.e. avoid the need for Tape drives to be rotated/taken offsite
  • Shared storage resources for Cloud Servers or
  • Applications for highly available (HA) solutions

Hosted Exchange Business-grade  Email with Legal Archive


  • Unlimited mailbox space; pay for as much or as little as you use
  • Filtered to fight junk, spam & viruses
  • Latest Microsoft Exchange  2010 features, including: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Public Folders, etc
  • Access anywhere, encrypted via the Internet: iPhone, Laptop, PC, Webmail, Android, etc
  • Transparent Legal Archive to save storage & compliance costs to satisfy Australian legislation
  • Delivered on next-generation Cloud Computing Platform

Our business-grade messaging platform provides all the functionality that businesses now need, and Mach takes care of all the technical complexities. Mach monitors the platform 24/7 to ensure it is running optimally, so you can trust and always rely upon your email business communications solution.

Our friendly and highly skilled Service staff are also always available to provide any additional technical services needed, so you can Unworry about ICT.

The Mach platform is a world-class capability that comprises four systems: Microsoft Exchange 2010, Email Filter, Legal Archive & Multi-Data Centre Cloud. This is no mere “Hosted Exchange” offering, it is what businesses of today must have. And, it is accessible from anywhere, securely via the Internet.

Enterprise Backup  (Cloud & Onsite)


  • Have peace of mind that your data located Onsite &/or in a Mach Cloud Data Centre is being backed up automatically
  • No tapes! Only the latest in online and disk based technologies used, means faster backups & superior recovery options if disaster strikes
  • Unlimited Cloud “Storage Vault” capacity; pay only for backup size storage space you need
  • Tailored solution to meet every Client’s unique needs & budget
  • 24/7 monitored; any issues Mach will investigate and let you know

Our enterprise-grade backup solution provides all the functionality that businesses now need, and Mach takes care of all the technical complexities. Mach monitors the platform 24/7 to ensure it is running optimally, so you can trust and always rely upon your backup solution to be running properly and be there to provide superior recovery options if disaster strikes!

Our friendly and highly skilled Service Desk staff are also always available to provide any technical services needed, so you can Unworry about ICT.

The Mach Enterprise Backup platform is a world-class capability that is able to backup any number of data types across all popular Operating Systems. It backs up data located in our Data Centres &/or computers Onsite, storing the backups to Onsite Storage, in the Cloud &/or to removable/rotating USB caddies. This rich combination allows for superior solutions to be tailored at the lowest possible cost.

24/7 Monitoring & Alert Service


  • Deep and comprehensive collation of multiple data sources from any type of ICT, both Onsite at your premises and in Data Centres
  • End to end ICT service quality is measured proactively through automated and continuous testing
  • Sophisticated “smart trigger” tests performed, with automatic Email & SMS of issues to Mach staff
  • Mach performs “Triage” for $0 and ensures only genuine issues are escalated for Resolution Services
  • Inform new investments via Capacity and Issue Alert Reports

When IT issues and outages arise, the costs to your business and brand are significant. It is simply impractical and too costly to have “humans” be across every possible thing that could go wrong, and it is too hard for them to put their “finger on the issue” without costly and drawn our diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Mach has the solution! An internationally recognised best practice 24/7 Monitoring & Alert service that:

  • Does proactive & continuous service quality tests
  • Supports within Data Centre and Onsite location of all ICT technologies; a holistic end-end view
  • Self-heals &/or alerts of detected issues via: Email, SMS, Webpage Dashboard; & raises Service Tickets
  • Allows Mach staff to rapidly and efficiently resolve issues arising at the lowest service cost possible

This sophisticated, distributed highly-available platform has never been offline since go-live in 2005!

Partner Hosting Programme

Discounted Website Hosting Plans (all hosted in Australia), typically used by Web Design Studio’s.