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Mach is a next-generation technology and services company. Since 2005, we have been delivering turnkey solutions and continually improving them via R&D to best exploit innovation, so each of our clients can ‘Unworry about IT’ and simply focus on their core business activity.

See below some of the key aspects of the Managed Services we typically provide to our Clients, in a tailored fashion. We have also ‘productised’ many specific services, which improves quality for all clients and reduces cost – see Products.

24/7 Contact + Service

Our friendly staff are always available to provide expert advice and technical consulting services. Mach takes pride in solving for our clients the end-end problem; ending the “finger pointing” blame game. We make sure every client can “unworry” about the tech, and focus on their own business.

Mach takes care of “Triaging” all Monitoring Alerts generated for each Client’s IT environment, so that you can stay focused on your business. Any real issues arising will be escalated by our 24/7 Contact Centre to the relevant Resolver Group team(s), keep you in the loop and fix the issue.

Service Management & Technical Services

Mach Technology takes Integrated Service Management (ITSM) very seriously as this is one of our key differentiators!

We pride ourselves on taking our clients on the journey during the implementation of their new IT solutions and then being a responsive partner as we manage the quality IT services that meet your business needs.  This means we strike the right balance between relationship and project/account management and the actual engineering services our highly skilled technical staff perform.

Cloud & Data Centres

Mach was the first to market in Australia with “Cloud” solutions and remain internationally recognised experts. Since 2005, our HA platform has not had a single second of downtime. We 100% own and operate our own Data Centre infrastructure across 4x sites: Cooroy (COY), Eagle Farm (TCC), Noosaville (CVC) and in the United States (USA).

Deployed in Mach Data Centre(s), or on Client premises via our “Onsite Cloud Node” technology – or a hybrid solution of using both!


Servers that are built for Variable Scale:
A key benefit is that you do not have to “guess perfectly” your future server capacity requirements, as with Mach we can tailor your solution to meet your known immediate performance & HA needs – reconfiguring at any time in the future to meet changes arising. Server Scalability, paid for “just in time”!

Full Managed Service:
As most Clients do, if you choose to let Mach manage your virtual machines, you can rest assured that the Operating System will be kept up to date and our Enterprise Monitoring system will ensuring that it is running at peak performance. NB: Mach Managed VMs are fully covered by our Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Scale, Performance & $ave: Mach’s “DSAN” (distributed SAN) cluster platform utilises the “next-generation” of open storage technologies from the “HPC” (high performance computing) world. This means that superior scale + performance can be achieved at a fraction of the price of traditional proprietary SAN technologies.

Supports Open Standards: Securely connect to the Online Storage Vault using any one of the mainstream supported protocols, including: FTP, CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, etc. Multiple connectivity options are available to support secure and encrypted access, for hosted resources from within the Data Centres or from our Clients’ premises.

Security & Recovery

Things go wrong in ICT; nobody can afford perfect technology. Plus, security threats and bad-hackers are a daily risk. Mach has the affordable answer: 24/7 monitoring + skilled IT staff + our Next-Generation Cloud. This unique capability ensures auto-detection of issues and sophisticated recovery options.

ITIL Service Management Platform

Unlimited access and usage is included for all Clients – i.e. no software or provision charges! Mach uses the same software that NASA, Nokia, Porsche, Swiss Post, leading international Universities and Boeing have chosen. Our implementation is ISO9001 certified as best practice by SAI Global.

Daily + Monthly Reports are delivered as PDF documents right to your Inbox. Start every day with an up to date report on Open Tickets, so you can without any effort be aware of current issues. A more comprehensive Standard Monthly Report typically provided to larger clients provides information on all Tickets.

IT Consulting

Mach Technology has a nationally recognised IT consulting capability with proven expertise that delivers exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Our point of difference is the pragmatic way we fuse strategic planning with technical implementation and the ongoing operation of complex, integrated solutions. Our consultants know when and how to “roll the sleeves up” and will not back away from doing so like many of our competitors.

VoIP / Data / Converged Telco Services

Mach Technology is not a telecommunications carrier or ISP company. However, we do facilitate our clients achieving an optimal procurement of these VoIP services to their premises, and into our Data Centres. We typically provide ‘Telco Management & Service Delivery Assurance Services‘ at an open book fixed ‘cost plus %’ charge which has proven to provide superior service and commercial outcomes for our clients.

Tailored Approach that optimally suits Your Business

Our outsourced Managed IT Services contracts typically feature:

  • Multi-year outsourcing of server, network &/or desktop environments

  • Tailored use of onsite (client) and offsite (Mach) sites and facilities

  • Ability to leverage Mach’s Data Centre and network infrastructure

  • Tailored integration with client’s IT team, or total outsource to Mach

  • ITIL-based methodology

  • 24/7 automated system monitoring & Service Desk

  • Commercial Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Like to know more?

We have ‘productised’ many specific IT services, which improves quality for all clients and reduces cost – see Products.