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Mach performs successful IT Disaster Recovery for National Retailer’s Email

About the Client

  • Retail and Health Industry
  • Major offices in Sydney & Brisbane
  • Retail points of presences Nation Wide (significant scale)
  • Popular household brand name (withheld)
  • The Client owns and manages some internal servers and outsources some services
  • Mach provides independent 24/7 online backup services, via our infrastructure both onsite and within our Data Centres, of underlying Server and Storage platforms

What Happened?

  • An unrecoverable issue arose from within their Microsoft Exchange onsite server email platform
  • Insidious data corruption occurred, which was exacerbated by user’s mailbox data and emails continuously changing (as it does)
  • Which made it hard to isolate and find a way to recover to a position without losing User Mailboxes
  • For VIP users – so reliant on Email and their Mailbox Databases – was a crisis issue

How Mach Solved


  • Thanks to the Clients foresight and prudent IT Management, they had previously engaged Mach to provide a 24/7 Enterprise Manged Backup solution
  • This meant that everything needed to recover from a wide range of issues was already in place
  • Therefore, in concert with Client IT staff, the Mach team worked through the night, to successfully re-create a stable Email platform in minimum time with data integrity restored

What was the end result?

  • Our Client and their staff simply awoke in the morning and went to work as per normal, using their Email as per normal
  • At Mach – we call that a screaming success!

And what did the Client say about Mach?

“Thanks again for all the assistance from yourself and the team over the weekend, very much appreciated your professionalism and dedication to resolving the issue….a real test [of the Mach Backup solution] and passed with flying colours!” IT Manager

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