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Australasia’s largest Audio Services Provider to Mach’s Turnkey ICT

About the Client

  • Audio Services Industry
  • Audio Production Services: offer unparalleled knowledge, expertise, and brand choice across the widest possible market, catering for any concert tour, corporate or sporting event – for example: Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Operating across Australasia, with centres in: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as well as Auckland and Wellington

The Problem

  • Existing hosted cloud environment hindering business profitability and growth
  • Poor performance, instability and a bad user experience
  • Wanted to do business with an ICT partner that was committed, expert and ultimately delivered what they said they would

How Mach Solved


  • Seamless cutover of the full suite of ICT services required for a new Turnkey capability:
    • Hosted Exchange Business Grade Email with Legal Archive
    • Onsite Device Management
    • Cloud Servers & Managed Network Appliances
    • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring & Alerting Solution
    • Managed Enterprise backups
    • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
    • 24×7 Contact Centre

And what did the Client say after Mach did this work?

“The transition to the Mach Technology ‘Private Cloud Environment’ took place in a smooth, swift and efficient manner, with Mach working collaboratively with our Company to ensure that user expectations were met (or exceeded) and issues arising were addressed before causing impact to our business. Having used the Mach environment for almost one month now, I can confirm that when compared to our previous cloud environment (provided by an Australian national IT Carrier), the Mach environment is more functional and performs at a higher level. Beyond the technical experience, we have found the technical and project staff at Mach to be visible, exceedingly pleasant, and entirely focused on the tasks at hand; a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stale technical world. They’re good geeks.”

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