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Why work for Mach?

Mach Technology is a vibrant, entrepreneurial workplace that values above all intelligence, creative hard work that delivers results, teamwork and the highest levels of integrity.

Promotions and access to more challenging and rewarding work is through merit – we are a meritocracy!

So you want to be a part of our Team?

If you are looking for a career in a next-generation business that is walking the path to the future that others are not prepared to travel, then you are our kind of person!

Most of our team have been recruited under the policy of “if the applicant is frighteningly good, hire them (regardless of whether we have current work for them to do or not)”!

So if you are reading this (and you really are that good), then send your CV with a covering letter into

Current Vacancies

From time to time we do advertise immediate new project and staff requirements.

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