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About Us

We solve the technology puzzle!

Mach has earned a reputation of being the most disruptive challenger ICT business in Australia – we shatter traditional more costly ways of delivering high quality solutions and systems.

The ICT Challenger!

As a fluid business that is highly creative and nimble we continually carve out new places in the marketplace, always taking on established players in multiple arenas that leverage our existing strengths. We do so with fun and are always looking for cunning and clever ways for our clients to do more for less and escape the high costs and stifling constraints of the old ICT establishment.


Our mission is to be front of mind as the innovative and nimble provider of Australia’s next-generation Public/Private hybrid cloud hosting platform, expert consultancy services, and trusted deliverer of quality ICT outsourced services.


Mach Technology Group Pty Ltd (Mach Technology) launched on the 6th of July 2005 when founder and Managing Director – Paul Pettigrew – saw an emerging requirement for the provision of enterprise solutions that utilised next-generation technology and innovative approaches to create an unparalleled price-performance option in the market.

Points of Difference

Some of the points of difference why Mach Technology stands out from the pack:

  • Thought leaders in innovation and application of Open Source technologies (active since Red Hat Linux 2.0 released in 1995)
  • Expert consulting capability and resolve to take on accountability for projects
  • Nation-leading design and exploitation of next-generation broadband capabilities
  • We own and operate all our Internet Data Centre infrastructure and facilities
  • Vendor independence; yet deep expertise with leading brands and technologies
  • Our client’s data is managed by Australian’s, in Australia, under Australian law

Our Clients

We focus on the mid-market (i.e. businesses with up to 1000 IT users), but also deliver for all levels of government and some of Australia’s most significant ASX listed corporations. A common thread in all our engagements is that we solve problems for businesses who are fed up with costly, fat, old school IT departments who cannot adapt and deliver at the speed and low cost required.

Sustainable Growth & Quality

In our 1st year of operations, we committed to achieving ISO9001 certification of our end-end Quality Management System and we have continually maintained this through independent auditors SAI Global since.

We knew that if we built the highest quality foundations possible in terms of people, processes and technology, we would create a Company that would grow and scale from a single location with one person (yes, it all started in a garage) to a long-term business that supports thousands of clients from our cloud hosting platform across the globe.

Government Panels

Mach has a long history of successfully contracting with all three tiers of government, including via a number of competitive/standing offer Government Panels.